Wrapped in Gratitude

Here’s a great way to say Thank You to the front-line heroes — doctors, nurses, first-responders, firefighters, law enforcement, military, and more — along with our personal heroes — parents, grandparents, teachers, pastors, and all who deserve our unending thanks.

In addition to saying Thank You in 56 languages, it holds messages of hope, encouragement & strength — from Nelson Mandela, to David Bowie, to Mahatma Gandhi to provide emotional support when days are long.

An Angel in Your Pocket

Like having an angel in your pocket whispering encouragement, it’s the perfect gift for the heroes in your life.

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Throughout history, the handkerchief has been there at life’s crucial moments — circling the brow of an Olympic athlete, catching a bride’s tears of joy, tucked over a soldier’s heart as he marches into battle. They carry stories of hope, tragedy & triumph. Today’s heroes stand sentry on the COVID battlefield, and we offer our unending thanks. (The Thankerchief™ can be used as a face mask, kerchief, headband, rally towel, and more . . . .)

Collector of vintage and historic handkerchiefs, Mahony has presented programs to The Marines’ Memorial, Gold Star Mothers, Blue Star Mothers and Viet Nam Veteran Nurses. A portion of all kerchief sales go to holiday packages for our troops.